Toni Gabaldón

Welcome to the ESEB 2025 Congress, set to take place at the International Convention Centre of Barcelona (CCIB) in Barcelona, Spain, from August 17 to 22, 2025.

This congress marks another milestone for the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB), which has been organising biennial conferences since 1987. ESEB congresses are renowned for being among the largest in the field of evolutionary biology, attracting 1400 – 1700 participants from around the globe. The 2025 edition proudly hosted by the Spanish Society for Evolutionary Biology (SESBE) promises to uphold this tradition of excellence.

The congress will commence with a welcome reception on Sunday, August 17, 2025, offering a great start to a week filled with insightful discussions and networking opportunities, culminating with the conference dinner on Friday, August 22.

The CCIB, a centrepiece of the Forum of Barcelona, reflects the city’s commitment to architectural innovation and sustainability. This modern district, transformed since 2004, stands as a testament to Barcelona’s urban redevelopment achievements. Ease of access is a hallmark of the CCIB, conveniently located and well-served by a comprehensive public transport system, including metro, buses, and tram. Its easy access, coupled with a stunning seaside location, adds to the appeal of the venue, promising a memorable experience for all attendees.

Mindful of the environmental impact of travel, we encourage participants to use public transportation wherever feasible. Barcelona’s extensive and efficient public transport network offers seamless connectivity within the city and to the rest of Europe, by train or plane. As Barcelona is a highly very attractive destination, early accommodation booking is recommended to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay during the congress.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ESEB 2025 Congress in Barcelona, where cutting-edge scientific discourse will merge with the city’s vibrant culture and history, promising an enriching experience.

Toni Gabaldón
Chair of ESEB 2025